Basketball match and rain


For the past two days I have been working with this blogs appearance. Well it’s kinda hard work. All these buttons and programs, and specific speeches, and codes… brrr.. not for me, so this is why it took for me so long to do it, as I wanted.

Sooooo, yesterday I went to my first basketball match ever and all I can say: IT WAS AWESOME. The game, fans, dancers, it all was ;oijfieorjfgoiejrgoijegr. Feelings were incredible. Watching a game live was an amazing experience. And I promised to myself to go to basketball matches more often.

The next thing is about rainy days. So many people are dieing from boredom in these days. And *bum* today is the rainy day here in Lithuania, so I’ve decided to make a <<WHAT TO DO WHEN IT’S RAINING OUTSIDE>> list.

Here it is:


1. Clean the room.
Yes, it seems boring as hell, but when you turn the music on, IT TURNS TO HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL HOME EDITION.

2. Experiment with new recipes
KITCHEN TIMEEEEE. Make a surprise for your family/friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/dog/cat/etc.

3. Excersise
If you want to stay fit, but you don’t have time for that, rainy days are the best time for that. Search in youtube for desirable excersise, turn music and go on!

4. Movie evening
Call some friends, buy lots of snacks, and turn the movie. I bet you’ll have amazing time with friends laughing, talking about silly things and even more

5. Reading
I bet 9/10 people don’t like reading just because they are too lazy to read. There are so many wonderful books in whole world and I think it’s not so hard to find one to read to.

6. Omegle/Chatroullete
It’s one of thing that people do when they are extremely bored – turn these live chats rooms. BE CAREFUL, ALMOST ALL OF THE PEOPLE THERE ARE CREEPY.

7. Handicrafts
Open google->type “handicrafts”-> press enter -> choose one of million suggestions -> good luck.

8. Youtube
There are millions and millions videos here, so you won’t be bored here: funny animals, movie trailers, music videos and a lot more.

9. BestVines
((suggested by my best friend Lucas, love you ))
A lot of funny videos are not only on youtube. There are everywhere. And this place has A LOT of home made funny videos to enjoy on a rainy day.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed

Stay fab, lots of love, Domy xx



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