hey party people!

Domy is here to tell you about her adventures in this crazy crazy world.

It is crazy, because I was cleaning my room  FOR  THE WHOLE DAY. Yes! IT IS POSSIBLE TO CLEAN ONE STUPID ROOM FOR A WHOLE DAY.

It all started at midday, when I was woken up by my mom. Well.. she was yelling “Dominique, WAKE UP YOU LAZY CHILD YOU’LL CUT ONE’S TEETH IN YOUR ASS”.So this is how my day began. Okay, let’s continue. My mom had to leave to her work early, so she told me to clean my room and to broom carpets and clean dusts. Oh and don’t forget to make chicken wings for dad.

Okay, I went to shower and blah blah blah. After that “blah blah blah” I began to clean the flat. Of course with the music turned on. So, it was kinda funny and all spiders had to be dieing from laughter because I was dancing and playing a broom-the-best-guitar-ever and oh don’t forget singing. THEN I REMEMBERED THAT I HAVEN’T DECIDED WHAT I WILL BE WEARING AT THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. So, I threw all stuff what I was doing, and opened my closet.  That is where the mess began.

After two hours of choosing clothes, I’ve finally decided what I’m gonna wear…


DO NOT LOOK AT THAT FACE ITS HORRIBLE((I just noticed that this is 696th photo taken on that phone………………OH AND LOOK AT THAT MESS I HAVE MADE))

so, I was happy then. Until I went back to my room….

CAM00702 CAM00703 CAM00704


And it’s not all. After 3 minutes in this messy mess, I remembered that I HAVEN’T marinated chicken WINGS.

I ran to the kitchen and began cooking dinner for dad, and THEN I REMEMBERED THAT I HAVEN’T DONE THE CLEANING IN THE LIVING ROOM WHERE I LEFT MY BROOM-THE-BEST-GUITAR-EVER… And the circle has been shut down. I finished cleaning the living room, but then the doorbell rang, what meant, that someone was at the door. Well, my dad came home earlier today (it was surprising) and told me that we are GOING TO THE COUNTRYSIDE TOMORROW, AND BE THERE TILL SUNDAY. oh my.

AND THEN *BUM*. I remembered (surprised? because I’m not.. I remembered so much stuff today) ((okay, a little introduction: Christians are celebrating the Assumption tomorrow, and it’s a play-day for us in Lithuania <I don’t know if it is a play-day in other countries, but Friday is work day>))  So I remembered that I needed to return books to the library on Friday, but I WON’T BE IN TOWN ON FRIDAY.

Shit always happens to me. I have quickly thrown all books to my bag and run the 6 minutes way in 3 minutes straight to the bus station.

And on my way to the library I REMEMBERED that I still haven’t cleaned my stupid room.

All in all, it took 2 hours to clean my bed, and one additional hour to clean the rest of my room.  So in total, I was cleaning (with these ‘oh shit, I remembered something’ and the trip to library) for about 5,5 hours. THAT IS MY OWN RECORD.

Tip: try to not remember random things when you are cleaning.

That is all. I hope you clean your rooms shorter.. ^^

Stay fab fellas, Domy xx


This is my dog, who doesn’t like posing for photographs..




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