When toothache strikes…


Today is not the best day for me. It’s the 5th day when I got a toothache. No, my teeth are okay, just one stupid wisdom tooth has decided to remind me about its existence. And I’m too scared to go to the dentist, because last time when I got there, I didn’t feel 3/4 of my mouth and half of tongue…

I will upload video of me talking with that numb mouth. I spoke Lithuanian there, but don’t mind, because I was talking silly things.. you need to keep an eye on my pronunciation, which was very funny. ((please don’t pee in your pants, your mom will not be satisfied with that))

Okay….. somehow this site doesn’t allow me to upload that video here. Never mind, one day you’ll see. Pinkie promise!!!! :)))


So instead of going to the dentist, I searched for medicines to stay the pain. BUT SADLY we had only ONE analgesic tablet…. SO I opened my lovely google, and searched here for some folk medicine… 

And this is what I have found:

  • Salt and warm water. Dissolve one tea spoon of salt in the glass of warm water, and swill your mouth. ((TIP: VERY SALTY. already tried, works a bit, but it tastes horrible))
  • Pap from salt, onion and garlic. Chop garlic and onion into very small peaces and mix with salt. put this pap on your aching tooth until pain goes down.  ((sounds disgusting))
  • pig fat. just put some fat on aching tooth… ((never in a million years))
  • chew some valerian. ((cats will love your mouth))
  • chop beetroot and put some on your tooth.
  • Tea plant oil. Instill one drop that oil into the glass of warm water and swill your mouth.
  • Ice . take one cube of ice from your cryogene, and put to your aching tooth from cheek side.
  • honey. pick some honey with your finger and put that yummy thing on  the aching tooth. Pain will be gone soon. ((checked. it works 🙂 but it was so sweet, oh dear sugar))

I hope I helped you somehow.. Because I helped myself and my wisdom tooth is calm. for now.


That’s it for today. stay fab, and don’t forget about your teeth and if pain doesn’t vanish, GO STRAIGHT TO THE DENTIST, OR ELSE YOU’LL STAY TOOTHLESS.  (( I know you don’t want this option to happen :)) ))


Love, Domy xxx




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