Guess who’s BACK! Viva la YOAIHSO!!

Photo on 09-08-14 at 22.14

It’s been almost a year since my very last entry. Million apologies are not even enough.
I had very exciting year during this non-posting-to-my-blog-that-I-have-forgotten-about year. And I can say that I had one of the best time of my life so far. (My life lasts only for 18 years 4 moths and 26 days, so yeah, its just temporary best time. I believe that I will have more later :3)

So, I don’t know where to start. again. Like I have so many crazy ideas, and I read my friend’s blog (don’t be shy to press that bold word :3) and I thought “why not?” I can concentrate on improving my English skills, and I can talk to myself here, and maybe some people really do see the mess I’m writing. Limits are just in our heads. Let’s face the fact, guys, that we all leave stuff we have begun sooner or later just because we get tired of thinking and, of course, of laziness.

This is exactly what I did almost year ago.

But hey, I came back. Why not? It will be even a challenge not to drop off this kind of mini project, that I can call “Year of preparation before heading to UK with some adventures at my home with homies” aka YOPBHTUKWSAAMHWH. LOL, just kidding. That long name could be renamed as “Senior year in high school with a lot of adventures” or simply ” You only are in high school once”  in short way YOAIHSO. Like in chinese. Say it loud and you’ll feel the inner chinese. You can add some Jackie Chan moves if you inner spirit says so. Just be careful and please do not cause any injuries around.

And getting back to new blog idea, there are no words to describe that feeling, when you finally realise you can do things over again and ideas that are bumping into my little blond hair are amazing.

I hope I will recover this blog SOONER OR LATER.
Of course sooner.

Lots of love to the people who  had read this.

Domy. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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