Bonjour, je suis le table

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Bonjour everyone.

Today is the day when I finally began my 16 weeks long training session. 4 months of non-stopable healthy stuff… things.. I’ve decided that new academic year are perfect to begin with some new challenges for myself, not just “I’M GONNA STUDY HARD THIS YEAR” or “I’ll not eat sweets everyday” and “I won’t spend my pocket moneys on Mondays and starve for the rest of the week”. Naaaah, it’s too easy. I challenged myself TO COMPLETE THAT training session. Which is quite long.

I’ll try this time, I guess.

You ask what is this 4 months training session, is it magical and you become slim as Miranda Kerr? and I’m glad to give you an answer.

inspirational shutff #1
Inspirational shutff #2

I found that training accidentally. Like I came back home from my holiday and I was reading daily news on the internet, and I found  an  article called something like: “Incredible, young lady lost her weight by starting running”, or so. SO I’ve decided to read that story (lithuanians can find that story by clicking here, and maybe other nations can just googletranslate it. IF YOU DARE 😀 ) and after reading it,  I felt like I can go the same way and be fit like her. It is very simple Dutch training session where you run for a couple of minutes and then you walk, and then you run again, and the circle continues for some time. Every week you have longer running time and less walking, so physical activity is increased slightly.

It is very unusual way of run, and it is kinda difficult. BUT I LIKE IT.  I hope that I won’t give up, and after couple of weeks I’ll see the very first results.

On the next part of the this day’s entry I’ll tell you a story about the auto-correct. It is very funny story which has happened on Omegle. ( check the spelling, I know that I wrote down it wrong)

So yesterday I was tiiiired after a kinda workday on garden ( the forth commandment of God: “Keep the sabbath day holy” doesn’t apply to us), and went to the omegle. You know that website, where random people are connected to chat or to face talk each other. AND you know that there are a lot of creeeeepy people ( I think I have already mentioned that almost a year ago).

So I was just chatting, and smiling, and praying that I won’t see any of “unwanted to be seen” body parts that guys do have.
Unfortunately I got into some of them, and I cover my eyes after that terrible and horrifying view, and I didn’t notice that some kinda cute guy was laughing at me. Not long after he wrote that he is not a creeper and I look cute when I’m hiding myself”. I started laughing and so, and we began to chat.
Wel he was a french guy currently living in London, he was 22 years old and had very very blue eyes and he seemed to be pretty normal by then . We continued to chat and I randomly told him that I’m learning french and I can talk freely.  And he started talking in french and I was OMG QUICK TURN THE GOOGLE TRANSLATOR, because my french skills are deep below, lets say, a minimum 6th grader level. (I’m senior now, so you can make conclusions and make guesses if I can learn more this year. I bet that I can not) . And I didn’t want to be a loser and I overestimated my knowledge in that language…

I was gladly surprised that I was having a conversation with one person of that yellow section.

And this is where the awkwardness began.

He wrote me something in french and I translated that sentence into something similar like this ” I didn’t know that lithuanian girls can speak bilingual” or something. And I tried to keep smile on my face while I was writing into google translate the answer, I hoped that it would be translated in a good way. OK, I wrote the answer that I find it ( French language) quite easy, and google translated my sentence more like that: “Je doigt assez facile”.
You can’t imagine how that boy laughed at me when he saw my answer .He laughed so hard that he almost cried. I  was really confused and asked in English what had happened, did I write something bad or something. And he said that my sentence was nasty and I am a very nasty girl. I did ask him what I wrote. And he translated this sentence. And it sounded so horrible. And I was so embarrassed and ashamed, and I wanted to be dead by then. The meaning of fancy french sentence was: “I finger it quite easy”. Like it wasn’t bad enough he turned his camera down to his pants, and I was disguised and I turned off the omegle for real. After some time I did a research why I translated that sentence bad and I realised that my so loveable mac’s autocorrect had ruined it all. But still, thank you autocorrect, you showed me that nasty person before he showed what is really inside his pants

That. Was. The. most. awkward. experience. in. my. entire. life. Thank God, he doesn’t know me in real life, and I won’t face him ever. And I’m very glad that I didn’t give him my Facebook, or else  I’d kill myself.


That’s it for this day, pals. I hope you liked reading this stuff, and if you did, don’t be shy to share this with your friends!  Ayyy?

Oh, I have a very quick message for the readers if there are some. I’m improving this blog’s appearance this, and maybe next week and we all soon have new styyyleee heeereee. :3

Stay fab, stay in school, kids, learn new languages. And stay away from creeeeepeerrs in the internet
Lots of love, Domy xx



Guess who’s BACK! Viva la YOAIHSO!!

Photo on 09-08-14 at 22.14

It’s been almost a year since my very last entry. Million apologies are not even enough.
I had very exciting year during this non-posting-to-my-blog-that-I-have-forgotten-about year. And I can say that I had one of the best time of my life so far. (My life lasts only for 18 years 4 moths and 26 days, so yeah, its just temporary best time. I believe that I will have more later :3)

So, I don’t know where to start. again. Like I have so many crazy ideas, and I read my friend’s blog (don’t be shy to press that bold word :3) and I thought “why not?” I can concentrate on improving my English skills, and I can talk to myself here, and maybe some people really do see the mess I’m writing. Limits are just in our heads. Let’s face the fact, guys, that we all leave stuff we have begun sooner or later just because we get tired of thinking and, of course, of laziness.

This is exactly what I did almost year ago.

But hey, I came back. Why not? It will be even a challenge not to drop off this kind of mini project, that I can call “Year of preparation before heading to UK with some adventures at my home with homies” aka YOPBHTUKWSAAMHWH. LOL, just kidding. That long name could be renamed as “Senior year in high school with a lot of adventures” or simply ” You only are in high school once”  in short way YOAIHSO. Like in chinese. Say it loud and you’ll feel the inner chinese. You can add some Jackie Chan moves if you inner spirit says so. Just be careful and please do not cause any injuries around.

And getting back to new blog idea, there are no words to describe that feeling, when you finally realise you can do things over again and ideas that are bumping into my little blond hair are amazing.

I hope I will recover this blog SOONER OR LATER.
Of course sooner.

Lots of love to the people who  had read this.

Domy. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




It’s been A VERY LONG TIME since my last post, and for millions time I’m deeply sorry.
And I’ll tell you why it took so long to write this entry.

Reason number 1.
SCHOOL HAS STARTED. I have to stop dreaming and start to think sensible. it’s so depressing, my brain want more vacation, and they are lazy and hate maths. Teachers suck as always because from the very very begining they give us so many tasks to do at home that I do nothing except HOMEWORK ALL DAY. No tweeting, no facebooking, just homework from 5pm to 10 pm. And then I’m too tired to make a post in this blog. It’s only been two weeks from the begining but I just want to throw all school stuff and … just…… arghhh


Reason number 2
My sister came back from Scotland last week, and I got lots of gifts. AND CANDIES. And my long-time-wanted onesie pj’s. Although I haven’t seen her for whole summer, and when she came back, I was happy only for two days. And one was when she was gone with her friends.. For the last days in home before uni, she annoyed me like every second…. AND MY ROOM WAS SO MESSY.. LIKE SO SO SO MESSY I couldn’t find my flip flops for about 5 days till she’d gone. AND IT WAS NOT MY MESS. for only one time.

Reason number 3There’s no reason number 3, I’m just too lazy to think. Weekends are too busy. And I need 6 months vacation. Twice a year.
I’m watching EuroBasket2013 at the moment, because Lithuanian team is playing against Ukraine’s.  WE ARE WINNING. FOR now…



tired Domy xxxxx


When toothache strikes…


Today is not the best day for me. It’s the 5th day when I got a toothache. No, my teeth are okay, just one stupid wisdom tooth has decided to remind me about its existence. And I’m too scared to go to the dentist, because last time when I got there, I didn’t feel 3/4 of my mouth and half of tongue…

I will upload video of me talking with that numb mouth. I spoke Lithuanian there, but don’t mind, because I was talking silly things.. you need to keep an eye on my pronunciation, which was very funny. ((please don’t pee in your pants, your mom will not be satisfied with that))

Okay….. somehow this site doesn’t allow me to upload that video here. Never mind, one day you’ll see. Pinkie promise!!!! :)))


So instead of going to the dentist, I searched for medicines to stay the pain. BUT SADLY we had only ONE analgesic tablet…. SO I opened my lovely google, and searched here for some folk medicine… 

And this is what I have found:

  • Salt and warm water. Dissolve one tea spoon of salt in the glass of warm water, and swill your mouth. ((TIP: VERY SALTY. already tried, works a bit, but it tastes horrible))
  • Pap from salt, onion and garlic. Chop garlic and onion into very small peaces and mix with salt. put this pap on your aching tooth until pain goes down.  ((sounds disgusting))
  • pig fat. just put some fat on aching tooth… ((never in a million years))
  • chew some valerian. ((cats will love your mouth))
  • chop beetroot and put some on your tooth.
  • Tea plant oil. Instill one drop that oil into the glass of warm water and swill your mouth.
  • Ice . take one cube of ice from your cryogene, and put to your aching tooth from cheek side.
  • honey. pick some honey with your finger and put that yummy thing on  the aching tooth. Pain will be gone soon. ((checked. it works 🙂 but it was so sweet, oh dear sugar))

I hope I helped you somehow.. Because I helped myself and my wisdom tooth is calm. for now.


That’s it for today. stay fab, and don’t forget about your teeth and if pain doesn’t vanish, GO STRAIGHT TO THE DENTIST, OR ELSE YOU’LL STAY TOOTHLESS.  (( I know you don’t want this option to happen :)) ))


Love, Domy xxx



Youtube evening

hey guys.

Today is not a writing day for me and  I have no idea what I should say to you. SO I’ve decided TO SHOW YOU something.
You’d say it’s nothing special, but these videos always brightens my day.

So grab some popcorn, take the overstuffed seat and enjoy!

1. How To Be UnFAT <<hoiistroi>><<I’m Wassabian, hihi>>

2. Annoying <<thatonekid100>>

3. Funny Interpretive Dance. <<BBC>>

4. 6 facts that make you smile <<gradualreport>>

5. OMEGLE *PRANK* <<Shane Dawson TV>>

6. Girl With A Funny Talent <<theinternetisaweird>>

7. You posted That On Facebook? <<TheEllenShow>>

8. Would You Wear These Swimsuits?  <<TheEllenShow>>


10. funny scary pranks! <<gansta bigstick>>

11. The Someones Getting Naked Challenge <<sawyerhartman>>

12. Poo Carpet.. <<TheMazziMaz >>

13. Lady Gaga – Born This Way (NYC) <<SteveKardynal>>

Okay that’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed.

Stay fab, Domy. xx


Hello skinny.. people. yeah, people

hey ya’ll

new blogger here! AND GUESS WHO THAT PERSON IS??  me, haha.

so as I planned for a very long time, I’ve decided to create a blog just for myself, not for posting my creations. (yeah, I’ve posted in wordpress my 1,5 books. ( 1,5 is because one is finished, and the other is not).

and the other reason is that I need to practice and practice and PRACTICE with my English skills, because I’M NOT A GIRL WHOM NATIVE SPEECH IS ENGLISH. Just regular Lithuanian with not so very tragical accent.

I BET YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE LITHUANIA IS MOTHERFU…DCAKES! And I’m not surprised. 3/4 of all population don’t know our country. So we started to call it Narnia. Because no one knows where it is.

So THERE IT IS, the land of little cute gnomes and centaurs.




sounds creepy, but believe me, these are the most incredible dishes ever. Especially cooked by my mom ^^

and for the end the picture for you to imagine me :))))))))))



okay fellas, that is enough for my first entry. SEE YA’LL SOON.

stay fab, Domy. xx