Epic year of 2014


It’s been a while since my very last entry in October. Oh my. I’m quite tired of apologising, and you are tired of listing to them, so I’m not even trying.

I didn’t have anything to tell you, guys. My life just runs a marathon, and it makes me move faster, too. I think that becoming a grownup made my life more interesting and funnier. So here is the list of my epic adventures in 2014.

  • When I bought my new autumn shoes with 3inch platform, I went to a school wearing them. And I was going down the stairs during the break and I misplaced my left foot, and I fell down on my big bootie in front of last formers, aka my classmates. They tried not to laugh, but they failed.  Big time. My bootie hurt for a week.
  • I found out that my zodiac sign is NOT Pisces, but I was born after 2 hours after the Sun entered the sign of Aries. MY WHOLE LIFE WAS A LIE.
  • I attended my cousin’s birthday party in another city. I really didn’t want to go there. I was anxious about it. I was afraid of everybody who was attending there. I was afraid that I would feel the odd one and nobody would talk to me. I even said to my best friend to stay on the phone all night in case I didn’t have anyone to talk. But guess what? I was wrong. Big time! Everyone accepted me, I even made some friends. Especially guys were really friendly with me. I was so amused I didn’t want to come back to my hometown. To my normal life. Because for the first time I felt alive. I danced, I kissed some boys, I drank vodka, I was free. And I am very thankful for my friends, who insisted me to go there, because without them, I would probably literally chewed myself to death, because THAT birthday was EPIC.
  • I became an official adult this year. And as a responsible person, the next day after my birthday I went to the supermarket to buy some off-licence. I bought a pinacolada cocktail and as a “really responsible adult” I went straight to the children cashier. So responsible. So wow. Many applauses.
  • I also attended the very first festival “Granatos2014” in the end of the summer. It was fun, it was hot. It was really amazing. I saw “Bastille” and John Newman. Thrilling experience.
  • I got my driver license. I didn’t have any big car accidents.  I just drove a bit of paint of my car’s backdoor and I bumped one guy’s car into the stone wall. Everyone in the car laughed at me and I was embarrassed when this happened, but eventually it became a joke. And kinda of my trademark. Oh, and by the way, it happened at my cousin’s birthday I wrote about a few points above.
  • I was in love for the first time in my life. I fell in love with a guy, whom I danced with in my dance period. But, sadly, it turned to be one-sided sympathy. Later I found out that he liked another girl, I was kinda heartbroken, but, you know, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I became even more sarcastic, and I finally understood that I don’t need any boy to be happy with. I have my friends and I am perfectly capable of making new ones. ( also a few points above). I don’t even have a crush on anyone. Except the Zac Efron. He is my love for the rest of my little existence.
    Isn’t he lovely?

    But back to the point. I am definitely not searching for the boyfriend, I don’t even need one. At least not now. Maybe in the future. But now my head needs to be focused on my education if I want to have a success and enrol the Liverpool University (or maybe Manchester, I still have hope for this).

  • Oh, I forgot. I got some offers from Manchester and Liverpool universities. When I found out, I was literally rolling on the floor laughing and happy. But then reality hit me straight to my face and here we are going back to the focusing my head on my education. Requirements are quite high so no time for the distractions. ( at the moment when I wrote that sentence, Shake It Off began to play on my Spotify, so what we talk about the distractions? shake it off  guurl )
shake it off babe
Got some problems?


So basically it is a wrap. This year was one of the best in my life. I finally felt free to do whatever I want, I understood more things about myself and who I am and who I want to be.

So to everyone who would ever read this I just want to say: never stop dreaming, because dreams do come true. Believe in karma, karma is not a bitch, it is a very good friend which will cut its head for you. Be happy, be joyful, stay optimistic, and don’t ever forget who you truly are.

Make this year unforgettable

Lots of love, stay fabulous.